Beginner’s Guide to Write Your First Ebook in 6 Simple Steps

For a writer, it always goes with writing articles and posts online and offline. Writing for some means so much that it flexes out to be their profession and source of income. When one writes posts, one gets habitual to write and takes on a scope of having own book one day.  An eBook can be one such source of income.

For aspiring writers a time falls when they cause to come out of the shell of articles and take up the challenge of composing their own book. This idea leaves one blank. What to choose as a topic, where to start, etc. Are a few questions that can make a nervous writer.

The tips below are an attempt to solve such questions for upcoming authors.

1. Money should not be the focal point:

There are certain genres such as recipe books, dieting books, self-help books, etc., which don’t get out of the stock. Never ever take your first step from such genres. Select a topic about which you have thorough knowledge or is your favorite topic. This decision will make your debut gratifying. Writing on books which have stale stocks, then nobody cares about the killing of the authors and you are left dejected.

2. Read a lot and get a clue:

It is always recommended to read well if you want to write well. The one who does not read is unable to express self to others effectively. The habit of reading the novels, magazines, and blogs will not only improve skills, but will also let you know your interest area. This will help you choose a topic and will tell you the sources for research as well.

3. Survey your audience:

The first step we discussed was writing posts and articles on blogs. The audience that you address in your blog can be your sample readers. If you want to know the market of your topic, then it is advised to go the survey way. You have got your audience, come up with certain topics and ask for comments and feedback. This feedback will make you aware of the scope of your tentative topic. Then comes landing on a topic and moving ahead with the research. Research is mandatory for pursuing with a whole lot of text. This will add personal stories to your text and gives you an edge over the rest.

4: Go through the work done already:

When working on a particular niche, you need to see the prominent works done already. This will give you an insight to what all has been done on the same track and what is your scope to present an improved work. This may take a lot of time, but who said it is going to be easy and fast. No pains, no gains. Here is another tip; you can quote some of the eminent works in your paper work. Get a vision.

5: Draft:

An outline or a draft is necessary to move further error free. The draft is meant to give you enough space to commit errors and decide the flow of information in your work. It is more like a preview for you. What comes after that and what needs to be omitted? All such decisions are decided with the help of a draft. Make an outline. Give titles to your chapters and don’t go for elaborating them too long in the draft. Go for short chapters for easy chewing by the consumer.

6: Hang the board- Do not disturb:

Composing a book is not a topic of fun. One needs to get committed towards it to accomplish. Switch off your phone or sign out from all your social accounts to avoid any pop-up sounds. Have a calm, peaceful space to get on the work. Distraction can turn dangerous for your book.

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